What is a Daiquiri?

The Daiquiri is one of the simplest cocktails out there, but constant innovation on the part of bartenders around the world has created a legacy of delicious drinks that modern folks can enjoy.

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The Daiquiri has its humble origins in the British Royal Navy, an institution renowned for its drinking prowess. Rum rations, issued to sailors on long voyages, were stretched by the addition of water. Lime juice was later added to help stave off the effects of scurvy. This recipe was eventually adopted by an American living in Cuba, near Daiquiri beach, and the legend was born.

The modern daiquiri has progressed beyond the basic 1 part lime, 2 parts rum and sugar formula from antiquity. Flavored syrups and slushed ice are commonly added today, creating countless fruity variations, up to and including the revered Strawberry Daiquiri. 

The secret to a good daiquiri lies in the skill of the bartender or mixologist. Coastal Kitchen is a premier cocktail bar in Bay Shore, Long Island and we pride ourselves on our skill with drinks. The best time to come experience the best daiquiris in Long Island, along with fine “Coastal” style cuisine, is during Happy Hour. 

Featuring $7 Daiquiris, Happy Hour is the ideal time to see what all the fuss is about. While you are there you can also enjoy $5 Cuba Libre’s and assorted mixed drinks, $2 off beer & wine and half-price snacks. A daily event, Monday through Friday, Happy Hour runs from 4-6 PM.

If you find yourself curious to try the best daiquiris this side of Havana, we encourage you to visit us at Coastal Kitchen. Located at 12 East Main Street, in Bay Shore, we look forward to showing you a good time!

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